WP Job Manager Emails v2.0.3

WP Job Manager Emails v2.0.3

Customize the default or create your own Email Templates for WP Job Manager, WP Job Manager Resumes, WP Job Manager Applications, WP Job Manager Alerts, and more (see below)!

Emails are handled through Email Templates, which you can create an unlimited number of. They are tied to actions/hooks that trigger when to send the email. You can create an unlimited number of email templates and set it to any action/hook, even if it’s already got an email tied to it! (As an example, you could send out 20 custom emails when a listing is posted, each one having it’s own recipient, message, attachments, etc!)
v2.0.3 – January 29, 2016
NEW new application note added hook and email template
FIX application post status hooks not firing
FIX application templates importing incorrect information
ADD basic debug logging feature

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